Disco. Metal. House. These three words form the mission statement adopted by the dance powerhouse experience that is Bad Dagger. Bursting onto the scene in 2012, Bad Dagger began with Cameron Reel (music production, synths and bass guitar) and Eddie Roodvoets (drums, samples, and triggers). This duo stunned and entertained audiences with there unique brand of Disco/Metal/House or Electrosexymetal, as their style has been called. Extremely danceable, this act has a tendency to switch gears without warning. This makes it possible to touch on a wide array of genres in each set. Bad Dagger makes use of this versatility with relentless passion and energy.
In the fall of 2016, Brice Jones (guitar) was added to the lineup. Without knowing how a guitar player would fit in with their style, Cameron and Eddie were immediately floored by the element that Brice brings to the music. Brice’s instincts and artistic taste were spot on right away, adding a crucial ands melodic balance to the band. Although they have similar influences in music, each member has a unique taste and sensibility. This helps add to the evolution of the unique brand of music they have developed.
Bad Dagger – The world’s original innovators of and only true source for pure, high-grade Electrosexymetal.

Right away Bad Dagger grabbed our attention with incredible energy and unique style. Coining the genre Electro Sexy Metal, they create a multi-faceted amalgam with high-intensity dance beats that manifest into a live performance that’s over the top. The combination of Eddie’s skull-crushing drums, Brice’s soaring guitar licks, and Cameron’s inherent knack for funk leave you wanting more no matter how many sets they play.

Our involvement with the band began when Jesse (manager) asked us to be a part of the Dagger’s Ball production team. Our contribution was to build, install, and run a custom 3D projection mapped stage. Since then, we have joined the team as their full-time visual artists. Together, BD and Double Negative Design, and RSDigital are constantly pushing the envelope of what a live performance can be. Working with them has been nothing short of awesome. They are supportive, encouraging and inspiring. Their integrity as artists & individuals feels good to be around, and we are proud to be part of the Bad Dagger family!

-Michael Reed & Dan Sullivan - Double Negative Design

“The first time I heard Bad Dagger perform at the festival Hyperion I remember thinking to myself, “I want to make them famous.” I surprised myself with such a bold thought, not even being involved in the music industry at the time any further than regularly attending shows as a fan. The level of energy they inspire within me drove me to get myself involved. Throughout my journey of diving into the sea of promotions at first as a volunteer, and now as a seeker of all things art, I have continued to attend Bad Dagger shows with increasing enthusiasm, still with that original thought on the back of my mind. Every live performance blows me away, inspiring me to dance for hours on end, as well as their impressive and ever growing crowd of fans. This band is phenomenally funky, with seductively sultry electric beats, a groove that should be shared across the globe. With such a unique gift to share with the world coming from amazing individuals with electrifying spirit, I am brimming with excitement to see Bad Dagger’s inevitable success unfold.”

-Joanna Faust - GraffitiSeed

“I’ve been fortunate enough to know the Bad Dagger guys from way back when Cam was playing all the time with The Twin Cats. I’ve always had a huge respect for his playing, stage presence, and always putting on a stellar show.
This is no different with Bad Dagger. I really love how they have embraced technology with their music and have implemented a live visual element that makes each show fully immersive and unique. Since the additions of Eddie (drums) and Brice (guitar) BD has taken their electrosexymetal to the next level.

-Brendon Riha - RSDigital Productions

“Oh Bad Dagger… where to even begin. I knew Cameron from The Twin Cats, and Eddie from Dudes of Lord already, but upon finally seeing them live at Hyperion. I knew that this was something different. I understood the talent they manifest and the vision the two have always painted with tones and beats— but they truly take a hold of the entire environment. When you walk into a Bad Dagger show, you are walking into an encapsulated reality built on pure creativity, forged with talent, class, and something slightly divine… of course rage worthy.

Truth be told, I wasn’t always a fan of electronic music. I was a jam band baby. But seeing the boys play it, purely, passionately… I understood that something I thought was as far from natural was actually something more organic, gritty, and for me more real than other genres. I guess you could say Bad Dagger is the reason I enjoy electronic music today!

A few years later… Brice Jones joins the band. Now Bad Dagger has always been dear to my heart, but I had the honor of growing up and living with good ‘ol Mr. Jones. I’ve seen his music develop, zigzag, and evolve into something truly exceptional. The guitar element to this “electrosexymetal” casserole was the ingredient which seamlessly fuses the bass and beats together. Each member brings something incredibly unique, coming from different musical backgrounds/genres. Together, they have crafted something much more than music. It’s an energy, an outlook, and I’m truly honored I’ve been allowed to join their artistic journey.

My favorite aspect of Bad Dagger is the family component. They don’t just shut their creative doors behind them they understand the importance of divergence and collaboration with their fans and friends. Bad Dagger is an ever-evolving entity, and it is amazing to see members so lovingly and humbly listen to other ideas to generate the next version of what they are to come.

As a creative consultant, web/graphics designer… I’ve been able to immediately tap into their source since it’s so easily communicated in what they do. They never constrict me creatively… they just tell me to “go”. Trusting and respecting me with something so imperative and influential as their image is a huge honor I carry with so much love and delight.

Too many more years of overflowing creativity, music, artist expression…. And of course, a little partying.”

-Morgan Miller - The Design Agency