“Art is my meditation. Music is my breath. Nature is my greatest inspiration. As an artist, I work to facilitate intimacy and connection between man, nature and the universe and to find the sacred in the every day. My works stem from my own personal experience and observations as I journey to live a life of mindfulness and intimate connection. Art and the creative process has so much to teach about these things. All it takes is being open.”
Mary Beth works in multiple mediums including acrylic and watercolor painting, ceramics, printmaking and large scale installations. Mary Beth works from her small at home studio in Peru, Indiana, but her favorite atmosphere for cathartic release is at music festivals and small concert venues where she live paints, occasionally sculpts clay, and paints on festival goers.
In addition, Mary Beth teaches art classes where students are invited to come and tap into their own creativity through a process of meditation, self-examination and experimentation with different mediums. The goal of her classes are to allow each individual to recognize their own personal creative style and strength, and to use them to begin creating works that are as unique as the creators themselves.