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We have provided viral growth campaigns for artists/brands all over the world with great success. We not only structure and execute trending growth campaigns, but we also gather valuable demographical data for your team to use in re-marketing efforts.  The following images are examples of content we have enabled to reach the next level by using our highly targeted audience analytics. 

Our algorithms are a catalyst for viral content and brand exposure on your page. Facebook spreads content that is relevant to its users.  Note how this campaign was viewed by roughly 800k individuals (in the US, Canada, and the UK) with only 0.0015% individuals choosing to hide the content. This means that our data set was near perfect in regards to relevancy. This campaigns also resulted in over 1,000 new page likes for COFRESI with a huge leap in engagement. 


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Simple Content that is easy to share

Simplicity is KEy

This video was shot on an iPhone 7. By simply emphasizing the artist's ability we offer the user a quick fix to the desire for captivating content. This video only shows guitar banter between two musicians.  The campaign was run to an audience who has never interacted with Marcus Rezak or Kung FU.  Because of its simplicity, quality, copy, and length it trended for over 2 weeks with little stimulation. 


This is a video campaign we created for Prob Cause's summer tour. ITs trends are solid, and its engagement is consistent. Many interactions are from users who are already following the Prob Cause FB page.  Because its appeal is to Prob's fans, and not vague enough for a "Blind Share" (a share that is made because the content is appealing to a new user). 

Lasting Results

The goal of any well-rounded Social Media strategy is to produce a level of engagement that requires little to no stimulation to achieve a viral tone.  This video was released from the COFRESI page early this month. Due to the posting schedule paired with paid campaigns on previous videos, this video trended with the results above with zero funding. 100% of the interaction on this post was organic.


We also focus on individual page exposure with a focus on RELEVANT page likes. 

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