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We have provided viral growth campaigns for artists/Brands all over the world with great success. We not only structure and execute trending growth campaigns, but we also gather valuable demographical data for your team to use in re-marketing efforts.  The following images are examples of content we have helped take to the next level by using our highly targeted audience analytics.  

Our algorithms are a catalyst for viral content and brand exposure on your page. Facebook spreads content that is relevant to its users.  Note how this campaign was viewed by roughly 800k individuals (in the US, Canada, and UK) with only 0.0015% individuals choosing to hide the content. This means that our data set was near perfect in regards to relevancy. This campaigns also resulted in over 1,000 new page likes for COFRESI with a huge leap in engagement. 

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Local SMA

The following examples are from Facebook analytics regardING LOCALIZED EXPOSURE. 

DURING A 1 MONTH CAMPAIGN, There were over 150k individuals within 49 miles of the greater Indianapolis area exposed to THIS brand and the event. (Target ages of 21 - 45) 

Through CREATIVE CAMPAIGNS we were able to stimulate organic growth and potential attendees directly assisted in overall campaign exposure. Theses efforts produced a significant amount of movement and viewers were enabled to interact and take part in the process.

The event page alone received an exposure of 114k + with 6,245 event responses.  This number was on a steady incline from our first post to our last.

At the end of every month, we provide detailed analytics highlighting the month's progress and focal points. A major aspect of our success is data. All campaigns are analyzed in detail. The data we gather is used in the restructuring and construction of future campaigns. This helps us stay optimized and provide sustainable growth.


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