Q: What collaborations can we be looking forward to?

A: Amani – We are working on a Shpongle remix right now, and he is doing one for us.

Q: How was the Set?

A: Treavor – It was fantastic, really great crowd and awesome vibes. 

A: Amani – It is amazing the amount of people that come from all over the country. 

Q: You definitely have your own tone…there is obviously some pre-set preparation, can you bring me in on that process?

A: Treavor – There is a level of improv in each set, tonight we definitely threw some tracks that we didn’t think about playing until we were up there. We have certain parts of sets that we know work, but we have an ability to change things as we go and go with the crowd. Like tonight we played a couple classics, and it just felt right to throw them in there.  So, there is a bit of pre planning, but not too much really.  Amani has a lot of different parts and elements that he can add over anything that’s played. I am sort of DJing with Traktor and he’s in Abilton Live, and we are synced together and so we can really go anywhere. 

We have a current set that we are doing, but there are really no rules to it. So if we want to change it on the spot and just play something completely different we can totally do that with out any disruption.

Q: So while you (Treavor) are Djing, Amani is doing…?

A: Amani – I’ll be adding parts, from other tracks from earlier in our catalog, some of the more known vocals and flutes and drum loops and adding effects. There are really a wide variety of things I can do depending on what the energy is. 

Q: So you play all over the world to a huge spectrum of crowds, do you find that your relationship with the crowd varies geographically?

A:Amani – I think there is a big difference between North America and the rest of the world.  Psychedelic music is bigger in the rest of the world, so when we travel internationally it is a different vibe. But I think our music fits in really well wherever we are playing.

Q:: What is the language in most of your vocals?

A: Amani – A lot of it is Arabic or Sanskrit. We are also working with more and more Spanish. In this new album we are going to be using a little bit of Gaelic from Ireland.  We like finding ancient languages, and we work with people who have really studied this their entire life. We have different people we collaborate with in the studio. 

Q: Do you ever feel a deep state of meditation while performing?

A: Treavor – I don’t, there is a lot to focus on when you are playing live. I think getting too tranced out would be a bad thing during a set. We have a lot cues that we need to hit, and we need to make sure our volumes are right there are a lot of things that we need to think about when we are playing.  So no, I don’t. I try not to get into too much of a zone while we are playing. Its different the DJing when we are playing. We are playing live, so we have points that we need to be on. DJing is kind of more open flow and you can kind of get lost in it a little more.  I definitely don’t want to get into a meditation while I’m playing that’s for sure.

A: Amani – There is a brain wave activity in between meditation and waking state that I find myself going into. I feel like there is a creative space where you kind of lock into a certain brain wave. Like when you play the guitar. When you study the ax you are comfortable enough just to do some licks. I feel the same way with a computer and a MIDI interface.  Where I am really comfortable about certain movements and things that I’m doing with effects.  I find that a lot of that will come more from my subconscious mind instead of my conscious mind because I have done it so many times.  It enables me to step back and see an overview and let the creativity come through me instead of thinking about it so much.

Q: Would you say that you ever embody more of a vessel for your music to come into, leave a blank slate for that creative space?

A: Amani – For me very much so, I’m definitely in a certain zone form when I put on the headphones to when I take them off. Its like a waking dream, kind of like a lucid dream.

A: Treavor – There is nothing like playing music for people. Time goes by really fast. Tonight we did an hour and fifteen, and it’s fast. I looked at the clock and we had fifteen minutes left, and I felt like we should have forty-five minutes left.  Time really zips by and there is something to that. People say time flies when you are having fun, and most of the time when we are playing we are having a really good time.  It’s like BOOM and then it’s gone. So there is definitely something happening where you are just stepping out of normal time. 



GUY - Hi.. Sorry. I lost a penguin. He is about yay high, neon purple?

Treavor – I have not seen a neon penguin, no.

GUY – If you do please tackle him and contain him

Treavor – I’m gonna contain that (BLEEP) if I find it. Yes.  Does he glow?

GUY- WOO! So bright man.  My uncle said bring him right back, I was just tryina pick up chicks with him. Whatever.

Treavor – With a penguin?

Amani – So does that work ?

GUY – It works, its a “how I meet my fiancé”  kinda thing.   Any way…. Thank you.


Q: What would you say the main emotion you are trying to communicate through your music?

A: Amani – I think it will be different for each person. We are trying to create a journey with sound. And the sounds we create will transport people in the way that they need to be transported in their mind and their body.  It’s definitely a subjective thing for each person. It’s offering them an opportunity with sound to immerse themselves in their consciousness.

Q: Where do you find the most inspiration during your creative process?

A: Treavor – For me it’s listening to other music that I really like. I like to see how other people mix the music. I see how they arrange where they are putting sounds and where they are not.  I try to get as much inspiration from music that I think is incredible. I feel like the better the music is, especially if its better then mine in my own mind, the more it makes me want to reach that level. So if I find a producer that I think is next level that I’m really aspiring to reach that level I listen to it a lot. And it makes me want to be better.

Q: Who would some of those people be?

A: Treavor -  I’m really into David August right now.  His production is totally next level and sounds incredible. I love to listen to older music, and some new techno guys who’s sound is amazing.  I like taking those techno ideas and putting them in a lower BPM.