LA Southwest College | 50th anniversary


District wide visioning

Gallery Exhibition | live Graffiti Art | Photography Contest

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Digital marketing services: 

Graffiti Seed specializes in digital brand architecture and online exposure. With a focus on art and music we have cultivated an efficient strategy that has proven beneficial for our clients time and time again. With every campaign, we gather valuable analytics that help optimize future ad sets across the board.

Through the utilization of web based services and social media strategies, we have a refined ability to implement tactics with results. Digital marketing via social media is truly a personal approach. Unlike traditional methods of brand exposure our methods enlist the participation and individualized attention of our viewers.

By cross-pollinating all of our demographical data we have effectively structured a variety of targeted audience statistics that act as a catalyst to viral growth. The LA Southwest College's 50th anniversary Exhibition provides the perfect opportunity to attract new students. Furthermore, highlight the facility in the best light and emphasize brand awareness to a target audiences between the ages of 16-39.

We are confident that This culmination will cultivate The LA Southwest’s overall exposure and we are eager to harvest blossoming results.  Furthermore, GraffitiSeed is certain that the LA Southwest College will experience a significant increase in online engagement, event attendance, and brand exposure all focused to increase enrollment.


expected Outcome: 

Graffiti Seed will manage all digital marketing efforts to target audiences (ages 16-39). Efforts will be geared toward online engagement, event attendance, and overall brand exposure. 

Additional benefits include:

  • Increased event attendance
  • Increased Recognition for The LA Southwest College
  • Improved loyalty
  • Increased Conversion Opportunities
  • Increased Conversion Rates
  • Valuable data analytics for future targeting and re-marketing
  • Increased awareness and future enrollment opportunities 

Estimated Cost: $ 2500 per event