LA Southwest College | 50th anniversary

Gallery Exhibition | live Graffiti Art | Photography Contest


Valeauphotography Exhibition Proposal in celebration of

Los Angeles Southwest Community College 50th Anniversary

February, 2017


Occasion: Los Angeles Southwest College 50th Anniversary


Proposal: Los Angeles Southwest College Photography Exhibition 


Theme: “Universal Reflections: A Human Cut


Focus and Objective:


Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Los Angeles South West College with a bold focus on attracting new students, generating pride among the existing students, engaging the community with a photography contest and generating excitement with live on site exterior graffiti painting and music.


Presenting a professional curated and executed fine art exhibition appealing to a broad audience with a freshly unique and engaging presentation and design layout.


Exhibition:  Two large 20x24 independent photographs on a full wall collage on the left side of the gallery (Attachment wall 1) and back wall (Attachment 2). The small wall on the left side of the gallery (Attachment 3) will feature, using a projector, a video collection of Dr. Valeau's fine art photography and will include a slideshow with music score and LASC logo. The wall (Attachment 4) on the right side of the gallery will display three large format photographs featuring one 30x40 Framed icon image of "LION" and two 25 x 66 panoramic photographs (one landscape and one cultural). All art, within the selected genres of: Animals, Flowers, Landscapes Cultural Connections, Architecture, and Our World of Work will be professionally printed on metal for an archival and superb aesthetic presentation. (this will also allow the art to travel more securely across the district)


The attachments are samples and likely to be rearranged as will be the genres for maximum effect.  Available will be a selection of 8x10 open edition prints for display and purchase through Mission Art 415 International Art Gallery, located in the Mission District of San Francisco (if permitted).  Each wall section of the exhibition will contain a bio, exhibition overview, photography legend and information boards and other information as requested by the Gallery.  This will expressly be printed for LASC College exhibition.

Regarding the above plan the associates costs and required activities are outlined below:


Printing, Shipping, and Insurance


Estimated Cost:  $8,500


DPi Printing Donation $ 1500


Cost: $ 7,000


Professional Fine Art Installers

Estimated Cost: $1,200


Exhibition Coordinator

Graphic Design, planning and development, production of a custom video of the exhibition and student contest winners  with images including  LASC Logo.

Estimated labor and costs: $3,500


 Professional Curatorial Service

On site with the photographer promoting and overseeing the entire project

Estimated Value: $ 220 per Hour (No Cost)



Proposed Student Activities Specific to LASW College


 This section is aimed, per the colleges’ interest and vision, at involving students and supporting LASW Art and Gallery program. Activities are student centered and projected to expand student awareness of fine art photography and the career opportunities available in the industry as well as helping them to learn how art impact our lives


A.  Student Photography Contest


Celebrating creativity with Photography Contest, digital camera's for the 3 photography contest winners and 319 coffee artist marketing campaign featuring LASC and the Photography Contest winner on a coffee tin and Artist feature on the 319 coffee website.


 Social media advertising and press/media attention.  Live streamed installation time lapse for social media and YouTube promotional materials.

 3 digital camera's for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners. 1st place winner will have the photo placed on a 3-19 coffee tin and placed on the www.3-19  coffee website thus advertising the photography contest winner and LASC. This is an international website with tremendous marketing reach.


Estimated Production Cost: $2,500

Supports Photography Contest, Installer and Time Lapse Video Design needed for implementation .


3 Digital Cameras:  $ 1,800 Estimated  donated value



 B.  Graffiti Artist Workshop

Aimed at engaging the students with live painting outside on a temporary canvas and having the artist ( during live painting)  through a question and answer forum  explore with students this art form which is being adopted by my citiesaround the world asway of telling story, highlighting the community, and offering students and people a place and medium to express themselves using art


Specifically, outdoors on the campus in a designated space, an Award winning Graffiti Artist will paint  using aerosol spray paint  on a provided temporary wall a  6 foot x 6-foot work of art. The art will be donated to the LASC college with a market value of $10,000.00 signed as an original.  The graffiti artist will engage with the students and the community explaining his technique as well and answering questions.


Estimated costs: $1800


Supports Artist travel, materials and spray paint for students and artists, organization of social media aimed at marketing the college and attracting students as well as social media marketing for the college.


 C.  Student Judges


Student Judges will be selected to participate as judges in the Photo Contest and learn more about what goes into judging photography and what career opportunities might exist at the local level in the photography field. Students will work with professional photographers who have served as judges to learn about the process, improve their network, and enhance the school’s connection with the art professional community


Estimated Costs

$ 750 ($150 stipend per each judge x 5)



D. Marketing and Outreach


 This activity involves working with the college to implement an Outreach Activity related to networking and marketing the exhibition through social media, targeted demographics, local LA newspapers and news stations, academic agencies including local area feeder school’s outlets. It will also involve promoting the 50th Anniversary of LASC, the Art Exhibition, Photography Contest and Live on site graffiti installation.  We are currently working with local musicians for outside performances. Other activities involve:


Securing a private external company known as 3-19 Coffee to participate and support LASCs’ 50th Anniversary. With approval from the college, the exhibition and the anniversary can be promoted on their international web site at www. website.


 Promoting the Student Photography contest through 3-19 via having contest winner images featured on a coffee tin.


 Establishing a 3-19 Coffee kiosk on site at the college during the exhibition


Promoting, on 3-19 Coffee website a featured fine  art piece in Dr. Valeau's  collection known as the "LION" on their  coffee tin. ( 3-19 Estimated in kind value $7,000)


Securing Graffiti Seed marketing to manage all digital marketing efforts to target audiences (ages 16-39). Efforts will be geared toward online engagement, event attendance, and overall brand exposure.

Additional benefits include:

  • Increased event attendance
  • Increased Recognition for The LA Southwest College
  • Improved loyalty
  • Increased Conversion Opportunities
  • Increased Conversion Rates
  • Valuable data analytics for future targeting and re-marketing
  • Increased awareness and future enrollment opportunities

Estimated Cost: $ 2500


Total Cost: $ 19,200


District Wide Visioning


Traveling the exhibition to sister colleges across the district is a specific aim that allows for each college to modify the exhibition (excluding the theme) in a manner that uniquely appear to their programmatic needs. A traveling exhibition that mirrors LASW will necessitate a small fee associated with an expressly custom layout design, graphic design, and associated installation costs. Below are some proposed cost and activities:


Custom video containing information on the exhibit, content specific to the college, college logo and custom music score to be projected on a large wall looping throughout the day


Estimated Costs: $1,500


Installation and professional art hangers for the Exhibit within the other colleges and wall spaces.


Estimated Costs: $1,500


Custom mural (6 foot x 6-foot original signed work of art) painted by an Award-Winning Graffiti Artist on the exterior grounds selected by the college and donated to the individual colleges. Estimated value to the college $ 10,000


Requires paint supplies and travel expense for the graffiti artist.

Estimated Costs: $1,800


Photo Contest


Work with individual college art directors and or faculty will be required to organize and execute the contest.  Work includes Installation and design.  Each Contestant winner will receive a digital camera (sponsored) and appear on the 3-19 coffee tin as well as the international www. 3-19 coffee artist website.

Estimated Cost:  $2,000


3 Digital Cameras:  $ 1,800 Estimated  donated value


Estimated Total Cost   $6,800

* Some of the line item expenses can be reduced per the sister colleges needs and budgets through eliminating some of the events.