Thank you for considering Graffiti Seed for your digital marketing needs. We are proud for the opportunity to connect so that we can develop a clear understanding of NNMF's needs and expectations.  

Through the utilization of web based services and social media strategies, we have a refined ability to implement tactics with results. We have assisted business', bands, venues and festivals in reaching optimal growth.

We believe that the following outlines a viral growth strategy for social media and web based needs. This culmination will cultivate Northern Nights and its associated brands network. we are eager to harvest blossoming results. 


As a major content provider for many artists and industry entities, we believe that Graffiti Seed has something to offer to everyone. Many of the attendees at NNMF are artists from all walks of life and creativity. If we are provided with a booth / brand sponsorship we can bring our strategies to the community roots.  By assisting individuals at the ground level with general brand exposure needs and consultation we can bridge the gap between hobby and career.  We would be honored to collaborate with NNMF and act as a catalyst for community growth. 

Request : 1 booth space

Result : Allow NNMF attendees to register for Graffiti Seed's free artist portfolio program. 

PRE-FEST Coverage

Following the trends noted below, Graffiti Seed will provide NNMF with 2-4 pre festival exposure campaigns with two major focuses. 

1.) Genereal Brand exposure / engagement  

2.) ticket sales 

These campaigns will be administered via the Northern Nights Facebook page and will utilize our West Coast key audience data sets.  This will be harmonized with our Festival boosts and posts as well in order to drive relevancy scores up.  

DURATION: These campaigns will be in circulation until one week before the festival.  


last year we ran a series of post festival campaigns for NNMF that yielded valuable re-marketing data.  we will use these analytics to refine our localized strategy. Any pre-fest content would be geared entirely towards a west-coast audience base. 

MEDIA/Content Production 

Graffiti Seed will take photo's and run interviews during the festival. We will have two photographers present and provide all of our content to your team after the festival has concluded.  In addition, we will assist in consolidating and curating all media outlets that gather content in order to archive any relevant and valuable media. This will help in brand fluidity and provide a standard of content regulation for the following year of exposure.  

In addition we will assist in onsite search engine optimization. 


Post-Fest Coverage

Graffiti Seed will provide 4-6 post festival campaigns with the intention of building brand awareness for NNMF, its artists, and its vendors.  This will be scattered through out a 3 month time line and be paired with our various channels of exposure.  

We will also utilize content gathered from various media outlets that were present at the festival.  This will help achieve optimal synchronization of content releases. 

These campaigns will be circulated across the USA with a heavy focus on the west coast.  


Upon request we will bring a video re-cap crew capable of stunning videography.  Equipped with the following. 

-The Sony Alpha a7Sii Mirrorless Digital Camera with full frame, 

-Carl Zeiss 50mm f/1.4 ZE Lens, DJI 3 Professional 4K Quadcopter Drone with 4K Camera and 3-Axis Gimbal, 

-standard LED lighting.

This includes travel, insurance, and 3 final edits. In addition all HD footage will be provided via cloud drive.


We will compile all content and create a stunning "2016 NNMF Virtual Tour" .  This will be similar to last years but will have more content and include many design updates that we have incorporated since 2015. In addition this will be featured on our Home page for up to three months after the festival.  

NOTE: An updated version of last years Virtual tour paired with general content exposure will be provided free of charge. All content will be provided to your team via cloud storage (Interview/photos).  


Package 1


Pre Fest Coverage - 2 to 4 Campaigns (Price Includes FB Marketing Cost)

Media Outlet Content Curation + Featured 2016 Virtual Tour

Post-Fest Coverage - 4 to 6 campaigns (Price Includes FB Marketing Cost)

Re-Cap Video + Digitial Logo Animation 

2 PAYMENTS OF $5,200 

Package 2

Pre Fest Coverage - 2 to 4 Campaigns (Price Includes FB Marketing Cost)

Media Outlet Content Curation + Featured 2016 Virtual Tour

Re-Cap Video + Digitial Logo Animation 

2 payments of $3,600


Package 3 

Pre Fest Coverage - 2 to 4 Campaigns (Price Includes FB Marketing Cost)

Digital Logo Animation

Updated Featured Virtual Tour 

1 Payment of $3,600


When it comes to assisting our clients in growth, there is little we can't do.   Our team is experienced and industry focused. We can help you optimize your roots and provide truly sustainable growth.  As your network is your net worth, Graffiti Seed can offer Northern Nights A MUTUAL BENEFIT.