Capabilities Statement 

Through the utilization of web based services and social media strategies, we have a refined ability to implement tactics with results. We have assisted many business' in reaching profitable growth. As a premier Custom furniture organization, North Meridian Furniture is a perfect candidate for GS strategy.  

We believe that the following outlines a viral growth strategy for social media and web based needs. This culmination will cultivate your network and we are eager to harvest blossoming results. 

(Please note that these are services we reccomend specifically for North meridian Furniture.  We also provide essential Google SEO / Adwords, Lead Generation, and various graphic design services.) 


(SOCIAL MEDIA advertisement) 

We have provided viral growth campaigns for small business' all over the US with great success. We not only structure and execute trending growth campaigns, but we also gather valuable demographical data for your team to use in re-marketing efforts.  The following images are examples of content we have helped take to the next level by using our highly targeted audience analytics.  

Our algorithms are a catalyst for viral content and brand exposure on your page. Facebook spreads content that is relevant to its users.  Note how this campaign was viewed by roughly 29k individuals (in Indianapolis Only). Our data set was near perfect in regards to relevancy. This campaigns also resulted in over 1,000 new page likes for Pancheros with a huge leap in engagement. 

The intention of this campaign was strictly brand exposure.  We put the Pancheros brand in front of 29k individuals with in a 25 mile radius of their location. 

The Above notes the specific audience we targeted for this campaign in particular, In addition to age specifications we gathered data on the individuals most likely to enjoy Mexican cuisine in order to insure the advertisements relevancy.   

The following campaign was focused on event exposure as apposed to interactions. This video was viewed 17k times while the Barrington Jewels Brand was presented to over 40k individuals with in a 50 mile radius of the locations. 

This ad's focus was interactions. Although it reached nearly 30k individuals in a localized area, 200 people interacted with the ad. A large percentage followed through to the business page, or even the website. 

The above campaign was geared towards a Global demographic.  It trended in the US, Canada, UK, and some middle eastern countries. It sole intention was to increase page engagement. Barrington Jewels started with only 2,300 likes before we initiated our strategy. 

The Following is a campaign we ran locally for Royal gallery of Rugs.  Its intention was page interactions/ engagement. It closed out with 360 local post likes. 


We also focus on individual page exposure with a focus on RELEVANT page likes. 

PAGE ID REMOVED FOR Confidentiality. 

PAGE ID REMOVED FOR Confidentiality. 


In addition to the above, we specialize in stunning web design, and efficient Search Engine Optimization.  We have built sites for many business' and coordinated their SEO efforts with equally as successful results.  Here are some examples of pages we have designed.

Our websites are all mobile optimized and user friendly, For both the curator (YOU) as well as the viewer (THEM). We can do almost anything at a much lower cost then your average web build, and provide you with the assistance you need to maintain and update it (so you never become dependent on us).  


We have a variety of animations we can use to bring your brands logo to life.  These are relatively inexpensive and can show professionalism in a stunning fashion. 


When it comes to assisting our clients in growth, there is little we can't do.   Our team is experienced and industry focused.  We can help you optimize your roots and provide truly sustainable growth.  As your network is your net worth, we hope we can offer North meridian Furniture a mutual benefit.

Thank You!


"From the roots to the community, we all grow"