A Piece of Home Found in Spencer, Indiana

By Sophie Guest



What do you think about when you hear the word “community?” Hopefully you think of growth and togetherness, which is exactly what Phase Four music festival implemented throughout the entire weekend. The community within this festival was an aspect that could not be more evident. From stacking the lineup with local musicians from the Bloomington and Indianapolis music scene, it promoted fellowship and invited the roots of the growing scene over to Stable Studios for a weekend that will never be forgotten.


We sat down with Bad Dagger, who headlined the festival Friday night. A self proclaimed “electrosexymetal” band, they have been dominating the scene in Indianapolis since 2014. The three of them have been mashing up the metal, disco, and house properly through Cameron on the electronic production, Eddie on the drums, and Bryce on the guitar. This was not their first experience with the Phases festivals as they played their debut for the festival a little over a year ago at Phase Two. The group feels that they have grown profoundly since the last festival and that their abilities are like night and day from their last time at Phases. “We have grown so much, without a doubt. Bryce joined in August of 2016, and I have to eat my words. I never wanted a guitar player in the band, but we were at a basement party and Bryce just started shredding on the guitar. I remember walking out of the party with Eddie saying ‘such an animal does not exist.” The band became more than a side project once Eddie joined in on the drums as Cameron and Bryce describe him as a “melody machine or rhythm destruction powerhouse.” They have been picking up steam ever since, and it was apparent after seeing their set at Phase Four.

Catch the trio expanding the electrosexy metal to Colorado playing at Be On Key for an Umphrey's McGee after party on July 5th and 6th, Louisville at Time & Space  on July 13th, as well as locally at The Mousetrap for another UM afterparty on August 11th.

If you are interested in being a part of the Phases experience, keep a look out for Phase 5 happening in October at Stable Studios for another community based event that will help bring festival season to a close. From roots to the community, we look forward to growing together.