MARCH 16th 2018

Thank you for considering Graffiti Seed for your digital marketing needs. We are proud for the opportunity to connect so that we can develop a clear understanding of your needs and expectations.  

Through the utilization of web based services and social media strategies, we have a refined ability to implement tactics with results. We have assisted businesses, bands, venues and festivals in reaching optimal growth. in addition to growing a media/news garden of our own.

We believe the following outlines a sustainable growth strategy for social media and web based needs. We are confident that This culmination will cultivate your Network and we are eager to harvest blossoming results. 


Consistency is key when it comes to online marketing. with an ongoing strategy, data gathered each month allows for continuous restructuring, unprecedented trends and overall brand engagement. 

  • 2 - 4 Highly targeted Ad sets geared toward general exposure and page traffic 
  • individual event campaigns focused on specific geographical locations 
  • Overall brand exposure and on page trends 
  • Graffiti Seed Audience Set Utilization 
  • FB & IG Optimized branded Content Production 
  • On page audience optimization 
  • Instagram Campaign integration
  • Event, Page, and Brands coordination for on page trends
  • Staff consulting and SMM coordination 
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$2500: For 1 off events
$1,500-$2000 per event for a minimum commitment of 3-5 events


Brand architecture

Graphic Design

Logo Design





When it comes to assisting our clients in growth,  Our team is experienced and industry focused. We can help you optimize your roots and provide truly sustainable growth.  

Please feel free to request more information, trends, referrals, or analytics. We are happy to answer any questions. 


Joseph Fathalla | Marketing Director



  • • Graffiti Seed - We live to bring you art in any form.
  • • - 500k page impressions and 56k unique users per month 
  • • Ranked 11 on Bing Global Index / 112 on Google Global Index
  • • Graffiti Seed Design - Unique and Modern Web Design, Logo Design
  • • GS Marketing - Social Media and Web Presence Growth Hackers
  • • - 100k+ Followers and growing each week
  • • Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boulder, Denver and Indianapolis


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