Rootwire Transformational Healing and Arts Festival is a festival where intention can be found in every detail of production. With an impressively diverse line-up that gets better year after year, this festival creates a flexible flow of energy that gets the body moving, takes that momentum and runs with it until everyone is expressing and exchanging that ecstatic energy we all know that fills us up with enough light to rival that beautiful globe we greet together three days in a row. The creators of Rootwire have ventured all over to collect captivating global musical acts, the best visual and performance artists across the country, vendors, healers, speakers and creative installments that will awaken the physical and metaphysical by scintillating all six senses. 
And let me be clear, by "best" I mean that this collection of acts, experts and experiences are truly inspired and inspiring. Every one of the people involved in each production within this festival are some of the brightest souls that I have had the honor to come across in my short time adventuring. Getting the chance to speak with those involved in this festival, from the performers to security to the creators themselves was a mind opening and spirit-soothing experience that will continue to draw me back to this festival as long as it continues its legacy.
Rootwire has created an open community for all levels of festival go-ers, allowing a real sense of inclusion for all who attend. This is exemplified very well in their O.A.S.I.S. installment (Open Art Studio for Integration of Spiritual Awakenings) as well as kid's village and open fire-spinning space for those looking to push their boundaries in a safe space. In addition, they feature three full days of profoundly saturated workshops that enrich the body, mind and soul. Offered during the day is a free healing tent with a multitude of modalities from massage therapy to sound healing, available to any and everyone including Rootwire staff and performers! 
Perhaps my favorite feature of this festival is The Refuge Harm Reduction Space, offered for all those who need a safe space to exist at any time, day or night. Within this space are professionally trained therapists who can facilitate healing through difficult situations where intoxicants could be involved. Regardless of anything that may or may not be involved, they are there to help one learn and grow through these challenging experiences, and keep you safe and integrated! This festival represents the healing, loving culture we all wish to see more of in our day to day lives. 
Along with the community, art, culture, and music that Rootwire provides, I have to give a shout out to the several other much under appreciated aspects of many a great event: The Community Kitchen, Green Team, Staff and Security. Rootwire has put together an amazing culinary experience with utilization of local farms, co-ops, volunteers, as well as Seed to Serve catering to create one central kitchen for the festival to choose from a variety of organic, healthy options that are conscious of the vastly variable appetites of attendees. As one with many allergies and aversions to textures, I can say that not only did I not go hungry, but I was floored by my options and how satiated I felt from every meal. Living up to their entirely earth-conscious approach, Rootwire has included an innovative dish-washing system with compostable dishes that ties into their green team's diligent efforts throughout the weekend to keep the grounds pristine and the festival's landfill footprint to a minimum, headed up by Zero Waste Event Productions.
I would finally like to highlight the staff and security of this festival. I had the unique opportunity to be involved with this festival as a volunteer my first year and media my second, and I have never felt more welcomed at any other event by the people in charge. Every staff member involved embodies the spirit of this festival to their core, not just during the festival but throughout their every day lives. Their hearts have an immeasurable depth and capacity for love and understanding. The work they put into this festival goes far beyond what I have experienced in my involvement within several others, and it truly shows. As with any festival, sometimes there are instances where security is needed, and the team of Rootwire demonstrated during the very limited occurrences that their dedication to a  harmonious, safe environment for everyone remains unwavering in the face of difficult situations. Their team handled all issues swiftly with a level of diplomatic grace that I have never experienced at any other event, music or otherwise. Because of my direct experiences and observations, I can say with confidence that I truly feel safe at this festival.
Rootwire cultivates a sense of community and further. It is the only festival I would hands-down recommend every time to anyone that inquired, especially for those interested in a change from the corporatized festival world. If you're ready to feel at home, find your tribe, get acquainted with yourself and find healing while fulfilling that primal need to get down and dirty in the mud with your collaborators of cosmic creation, this festival will absolutely facilitate the transformation your spirit seeks. 
                                                                                  WRITTEN BY: JOANNA FAUST 2017