Sultans of Funk at Sultana 

Analytics / Content - Graffiti Seed

Below we have included several of the files used to brand the event.  The majority of these images were utilized in online digital marketing campaigns, while some of them were used in hard copy print materials.  

Flyer Marketing

Fountain square: Joyful noise, Murphys, Kohring, Kumas, and Tattooing

Mass ave: Starbucks, Three dog bakery, Hoaglin to go, Natural born Juicers, Theatre on the Square, Broken beker, Flying cupcake, Sub zero Old point tavern and Global gifts.

Ripple: Indy smoke time, Boogie burger, Magic bus, Headlines, 20 past 4 and more, Hubbard coffee, Indy vinyl



Our campaign strategy focused entirely on individuals likely  to attend a Hookah bar similar to Sultana. In addition all campaigns where targeted to a local demographic with in a 50 mile radius of the venue.  In total our campaigns reached exactly 76,909 local individuals (this number does NOT include event re-cap posts).