My name is Bailey, aka "The Space Queen," and my highest passion is visionary space curation.  My creations range from in-home design to immersive environment art installations.  I consider my preferred aesthetic "whimsidelic" which combines whimsical and psychedelic elements.  I really enjoy varying the use of color, lighting, texture and art in a space to evoke specific moods, emotions and contemplations within the experiencer.  I call myself a Sanctuary Stylist, as I understand just how important it is to honor and embrace the sacred place you call home and make it uniquely your own!  My passion lies in inspiring people to connect with their authentic highest selves through self expression, creativity, intuition and vision which then guides me to curate the space of their dreams that allows them to feel more at home and alive than they have ever felt in their whole lives (in their spaces and within their beings).  I adore working with other visionaries and luminaries who want to inspire beauty, imagination and innovation within their own lives that can then ripple out into the world at large.  I am a firm believer that each and every one of us deserves to have a personal haven amidst the craziness of this beautiful world; to retreat, recharge and reconnect with oneself so that we can then better serve our communities and live our life's purpose more fully.  


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