Freddy Kennet

Personal Intuitive Art Movement


"Throughout the 10 plus years of my artistic life, I have always been fascinated with the amazing amounts of geometry and color in my environment. In my teenage years, I learned how to use that color in my illustrations and paintings. I studied at Indiana University - Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis to perfect my skills as a Painter.

My passion is in painting whimsical Color Theory on every canvas. I started painting with Acrylic paint at the age 13. Being able to mix my own colors has always been important to me. I engage with a personal Art Practice by noticing how Color relates to the emotions that come out of my Color Palette. I am always aiming to explore the relationship with how your eye moves visually around the canvas and relates to Color Theory.

I have been inspired to share my artistic practice through the Intuitive Art Movement. This way, you can learn to be mindful through an Art Practice. Combining Art with Intuitive motion to help the Body, Mind and Spirit. I believe that life is to be lived with color and vibrance. Art is my gateway. "