INDIGo child

The Darker side of Dubstep


Indigo Child (a.k.a. Rob Siemasko) got an early start on music as a classically trained violinist. From there he moved towards bass guitar and eventually began experimenting with production. With a love for Dubstep and Bass Music, Indigo Child was born. In the past few years he began producing his own tracks, honing his sound and has risen as a prominent voice in the midwest amongst many.

Having caught the attention of New Zealand natives TRUTH, who released his track "Light Work" on Deep, Dark, Dangerous. He has been featured on EDM Chicago, with his remix of Dirt Monkey's "Super Saiyan" Feat. Harvey J, mutiple releases with Subworld Audio, and released his debut EP "Dark Sector" on Thazdope records that broke into the beatport top 100 Dubstep charts. Since then he's released more singles on Subworld, TBN, and had a colab featured on the Untz and ThazDope Recofds. He has been support for artists such as Zomboy,  Bro Safari, Delta Heavy, Caspa, Savoy, Downlink, Diesel Boy, Space Jesus, Terravita, Figure, Reid Speed, GJones, The Widdler, Eprom and many more.

Indigo Child has played at festivals across the midwest like SubOctave Music Festival in Houston MN and Rootwire Transformational Arts Festival in Ohio .