Jonah Amae (Iamai) is an artist with a true story whom many of us can relate to on an emotional level. The Hawaiian born musician has a custom sound that blends hip hop, reggae and soul fusion artist with a mix of raw acoustic guitar. In his earlier days, Iamai, was part of a group called Floriginal with his best friend, Nohokai, followed by another group called Kamehameha Projects.
Life wasn’t always a “walk in the park” for Iamai, who had been through many tough times before his passion for music ultimately saved his life. Way before this time, life took a turn for the worst when his father committed suicide when he was just 9 years old. What followed was more unfortunate circumstances including a broken family, drug abuse, and homelessness. Iamai found himself dealing with heartache, depression, anxiety, and feeling alone in the world.
While the roots of him as a musician comes from dark times and unfortunate situations, Iamai uses it as a personal canvas for healing and positive energy that he could spread to his audience. After dealing with the worst of the worst in his personal life, Iamai used music as an emotional outlet for his own suffering and wanted to help others at the same. Giving hope and inspiration to others who may need it is something he values, and also looks to achieve in his career.
Now, Iamai has been working with producer Starski for about a year now, playing most of the beats on his guitar, and incorporating his longtime friend Nohakai as well. As he works on his latest EP titled Vanishing Point, he will continue to shine as an artist, while also being a source of motivation for those in need.