Logan Walden



Born in 1986 and raised in rural Ohio, Logan Walden is the son of Joan Angst and Christopher B. Walden, a professional wildlife artist native to New Zealand. His parents exposed him and his brothers to as many creative outlets as possible during their youth. Logan dabbled in art, music, dance, theater, travel, improv comedy and much more. He was destined for a career in the creative field. After years of working in the film industry, Logan was introduced to the “visual performing arts scene” in 2010 at Lightning in a Bottle Festival in southern CA. From that point on, Logan’s life was, indeed, transformed. He found his calling as an artist and moved home to OH from CA to study acrylic under his father in 2012. Since then, Logan’s surreal style of Fantastical  Sci-Fi with deep narratives and rich color pallets, has made it’s way into festivals, concerts, galleries and street shows around the United States.  

Artist Statement:
"As if broadcasting through my own radio station, my art has become a public channel through which I can reinterpret and express the worlds’ influences on my own lifes‘ journey. When I’m asked what inspires me I usually say the music I listen to. It works as a kaleidoscope that fragments my memories and ideas into something new. I listen to house music obsessively because it raises my emotional level as well as creates energy and space for my mind to wonder. I love designing a piece that depicts unpredictable subject matter, yet is cohesive in a way that just feels right. At the end of it all, I am a story teller. We all are. Once a painting is finished its story becomes clear. When it resonates with someone I feel like we have connected on a deeper more sacred plane. Creating that connection with a viewer is my favorite part of this whole thing.”