Do you believe in coincidence or synchronicity?


Intentions coming to life?

Is positivity directly affecting you and those around you?

All these things can allow you to find your own flow, dig deep, and tap into what you are most passionate about. MorFlo Music Festival intimately captures these qualities, as it gives many diverse artists from all walks of life an opportunity to find their own flow and break down their walls to unfold what they’re capable of, in addition to providing a platform of many different outlets and mediums of expression for individuals to discover their talents.

“The intention for this festival is specifically to educate people about intention. The festival was almost called “Intention Fest.” It’s something that we want to implement, in general, in the way that we talk about things because the intention is a GPS to your lifestyle and your entire entity. Whatever you have a question about: what you’re going to do next, or how to answer something, you can think back to your intention. No matter where you go on the road-- if you end up on the wrong path somewhere but you still know your intention, your address is still in the GPS… you can still end up that way if you know your intention,” said Tyler Manning of ForMo Productions.

Artists, Producers and festival-goers alike, feel that the qualities of this festival are cohesive with what they believe, guide, progress and use to catapult their individual journeys forward.

Headliner Mersiv explained that “this festival means bringing people together for a bigger positive intention; it’s inspiring people to do their own thing with whatever creative outlet they need. I think there’s a bigger purpose to why we’re all here, I don’t know what it is but I know that so much of what’s happened in my life musically, in the past six years, has happened through meeting certain friends and building certain relationships that are meant for a greater purpose.”

Jesse Feingold of ForMo Productions explained a new concept that plays along with the intention of MorFlo. “It’s called 'floop'. It originally stood for “flow loop,” but now it signifies something that we are all riding. There’s an infinite loop of flow, and it represents something much more to us. It’s the infinite loop of flow that can always be tapped in to and respected.”

Infinity signs are noticed in many places throughout the festival. Manning stated, “When you see the infinity sign, it can resonate deeply with you and every time you see one, it can take you to a thought process that makes you think ‘oh yeah, I should remember to tap into my flow, because it’s right above me all the time and its infinite."

“There are so many different names for zero, and just one name for infinity. We’re making ‘floop’ another name for infinity,” said Feingold.

Chill Bobby of the ForMo family discussed manifestation with us, and firmly believes that it should be part of everyone’s life. “I have a certain view on manifestation. We all have control about what comes into our lives, but if you think about something all day and try to pursue it, it makes sense that those things are going to pop into your life. If you’re thinking about it all day, you’re going to pull it towards you. You can’t chase something you don’t love, and if you’re chasing something you do love, you’re gonna keep attracting it.” -Chill Bobby

There was so much positivity coming from everyone at the festival that it still radiates exceptional energy! MorFlo was able to bring people together, raise money for The Orion Township Community Art Programs and bring the intentions of MorFlo to life.

All in all, the mission of MorFlo was accomplished, and it is looking like this year was not the end of MorFlo—it’s just the beginning. We undoubtedly expect many more positive impacts from this festival in the years to come! -Sophie Guest |

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