Mountain holler

Solo acoustic spiritual


Mountain Holler is the moniker of multi-instrumentalist Mark Etherington based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Etherington, a self-taught musician since the age of 10, is a heavily involved character in the Tampa Bay music scene, having three very active and touring musical projects that span across genres; Set and Setting, Redfeather and Loose Talk. He has been widely recognized in regional media and has grown to become one of the bay area's most sought after performers.

Mountain Holler is Etherington's more intimate musical endeavor, evoking deep emotions and casting sonic textures that transcend the audience with his haunting and mystically beautiful descriptive songs about his findings of beauty and truth in the natural world and in the pursuit of his own internal spiritual awareness.  When asked to describe his music, the response is simple It's "Music from the city about the beauty of the mind and country". 


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