Phase 5 Return of the Soul Family _

Brought to you by:

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:Musical performances:

Templo | Dizgo | Little Star | Erothyme | Eumatik | Fresh Hops | Peridoni | Bad Dagger x2 | Magnetic | Shy Guy Says | Voiid

Tangled Branches | Derick Howard | Lavendar fields | Sweater disco | Chachuba | Dacota Muckey | Tristan Fellenz | Cam Miller

Ejion | The Trip | Frozen Turtle | 800lb Gorilla | Mad Pritch | Wiley Coyote | Trøll | Lemondoza | Kel SD | Mild Movements

SpaceShip Earth | Big Ninja | RJuna | Slippin Jimmy | Saproling | RYNS | Trance Dancers

:Visual stimulators:

Hanzo Art, Mary Beth, Jackson Braden, Andrew Mickey, Julie Young, Johnny Stinson, Aaron L Jones, Daniel Zuluaga, All Eyes Open Art, Chelsea Penrod

:Flow Artists:

Bethan Evans, Kyah Hiers, Cassidy Raley, Kay Cochran, Jack Flint, Marcus Mc Farcus, Johnathan Hudson, Dan Sullivan, Abby Stege, Julie Young Logan Boothe

“ On October 19th -21st Phase Five: Return of the Soul Family, welcomed all beings of light and good intentions, The family at Moon Phase Productions worked harder than ever to bring you the best community experience in southern Indiana! Thank your for all of the love and support shown to us over the life of these events, it is our mission to bring the community together to connect and share the many talents we are overflowing with! We see so much potential in our surroundings and will strive to inspire real change in you, in hopes that you all take whatever experience gained back home to your local communities and spread it all around! Nothing really gives us the freedom we so desperately long for than gathering together in magical places ✨” -Moon Phase Productions

A special thank you to everyone on keeping the grounds clean and trash free to ensure mindful vibes throughout our Phase 5 celebration!

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