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Infusing rhythmic hip-hop with funky electronic soundscapes, ProbCause, otherwise known as Colin Grimm, effortlessly dabbles in a multitude of genres. Through combining smooth lyricism with sizzling tempos, this artist slashes through categorical barriers and redefines rap as we know it. ProbCause has meticulously made his mark on hip-hop, strategically crafting seductively smooth beats via his collaborations with several prominent faces in EDM such as GRiZ and Manic Focus. He expertly has crafted a sound that is fitting for just about everybody, and he’s not stopping any time soon. This year alone has been a big one for ProbCause. The release of his latest EP with entitled Way Up is a synesthesiac brew of electronic instrumentals and Prob’s widely encompassing lyrical styles. Released earlier this July, Way Up comprises of five tracks which truly embody summer vibes, though we’ll be listening to this collection for seasons to come. But there’s more to this artist than just rap. If you have yet to hear ProbCause’s newly-released EP, check it out today and read on to learn more about the man who is reconstructing genres and taking our breath away with each tune. -Jayce Ullah-Blocks |