Subtle depictions of the human figure & sacred geometry


My profound love for sculpture led me through trial & error explorations, resulting in my development of a unique paint application similar to the Rorschach ink blot.  I apply thick layers of paint to canvas using various methods achieving 3-dimensional, symmetrical, vein-like networks, that bring a sculptural aspect to the canvas.  Whether I use this technique to depict the fiery surface of our sun, cosmic nebulas, or the human circulatory system, this personal twist has transformed my painting. 

Along with various other applications, I am able to depict cosmic scenes in a unique & fantastic way. Through subtle depictions of the human figure & sacred geometry, as well as explorations in texture & spectrum analyses, these images of our cosmos provoke deep contemplation of the interconnected web of consciousness & the infinitely vast universe.     

These artistic processes are meditative explorations, & continue to inspire, amaze & center me.  I aim for my art to serve as a conduit for sharing my knowledge & visions of our interconnected cosmic web of existence, while inspiring healing, compassion & spiritual awakening in others & ultimately the universal spirit within.



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