zachary brown



The basic origins of most of my work lie within sacred geometry, the geometrical patterns that make up the framework for the smallest atoms to the largest galaxies in our third dimensional universe. These geometrical patterns permeate all natural life, and by using them to intentionally create a layout for a painting, I believe that it provides an underlying vibration and frequency that brings spiritual harmony to my work. My conceptual themes are derived from many sources, from archetypal imagery, ancient spiritual texts and practices, dreams and other states of psychedelic heightened awareness. Recently, I have begun creating paintings beginning with randomized textures on a blank canvas with little idea of how the final work will look. By utilizing geometry and keeping a centered intention to let the painting naturally evolve, I pull imagery out of the randomized chaos. This method keeps me painting as much in the present moment as possible, allowing for imagery that is channeled and brought forth from a place of love, and, therefore, taking the viewer as close to that present moment as well. The contrast of the organic to the geometrical help me present the complete interconnectedness of all energy systems, illustrating how all the plants, animals, forests, rivers, and people, are made out of the same forces, elements, and spirit. By taking a moment to notice the divine unfolding of nature around us, we can see the mirror of it within ourselves and others.  I hope that my paintings can bring these connections closer together.